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Welcome to the United States (U.S.) Department of the Navy (Navy) official website for the Northwest Training and Testing (NWTT) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (OEIS). This website is intended to provide the public and other interested entities with an understanding of the Navy’s proposal, the environmental resources to be reviewed in the NWTT EIS/OEIS, and the importance of accommodating required training levels and maintaining of military readiness. In addition, this website contains information on how the Navy is employing protective measures to reduce environmental effects from military training and testing activities.

What's New and Upcoming

Notice of Availability - October 2, 2015
The Northwest Training and Testing Final EIS/OEIS Notice of Availability has been published in the Federal Register. A copy of the notice is available for download.

NWTT Final EIS/OEIS Available for Download - October 1, 2015
The Northwest Training and Testing Final Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement is available for download.

NWTT Supplement to the Draft EIS/OEIS
The Supplement to the NWTT Draft EIS/OEIS is available for review. This Supplement focuses on substantial changes to the Proposed Action due to updated training requirements and significant new information relevant to environmental concerns per 40 Code of Federal Regulations § 1502.9.

Public Meetings
The Navy held four public meetings to inform the public about the Supplement to the Draft EIS/OEIS and potential environmental impacts, and to provide an additional opportunity for the public to comment on the adequacy and accuracy of the analysis in the Supplement to the Draft EIS/OEIS. The public meetings included an open house information session, during which time EIS team representatives were available to provide information, answer questions, and accept comments on the Supplement to the Draft EIS/OEIS.

Commenting on the Supplement to the Draft EIS/OEIS
The public review and comment period ended on February 2, 2015. The Navy is now reviewing the comments made and will address all of the comments in the Final EIS/OEIS, due to be released in summer 2015.

All public comments received during the Draft EIS/OEIS comment period (January 24, 2014, through April 15, 2014) are still valid and are being considered in the Final EIS/OEIS for this action. No decision will be made to implement any alternative in the NWTT Study Area until the NEPA process is complete and a Record of Decision is signed by the DoN.


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